Courseload help

I’m struggling to choose my classes. I’m aiming for Tufts with a 3.75 GPA and a 1520 SAT. I go to a highly competitive high school with most kids going to t50 schools. For sophomore year I went away to prep school and did poorly for how I should’ve done(b’s,b+‘s but not calculated into GPA) I came back junior year and my courseload is decent. I took 5 aps junior year and i’m taking 6 aps senior year. I took APES AP Physics 1 and C, APUSH, AP Comp, AP Calc BC, and I’m currently taking AP Gov, AP Psyc (might switch for STAT), AP Lit, AP Chinese, AP Macro and Micro Econ, Multivariable Calc, and AP BIO. I want to drop ap bio because I really don’t enjoy it. Should I opt for ap chem?maybe physics 2? or just take forensics an “easy class” but it might drop my course rigor.

For reference I want to go into business, applied maths, and comp sci. Should I even ED Tufts? Should I just ED Northeastern?

I can add that I have 200+ hours of tutoring, raised $15000 in a nonprofit I started, internship, a job at a coffee shop, 4 year varsity in xc/tf and wrestling, 2 year captain in running and 1 year captain in wrestling, all conference/county honors in all sports cofounder of esports club, part of many clubs.

With so many APs you can take Forensic Science instead of AP bio with no negative consequence.

Have you taken some level of bio and chem already? If not, then you should not drop a core science class. Can you dropped down to H bio?

Since you are aiming for a competitive school, I’d drop AP psych (and stats isn’t necessary either) before bio.

What lab sciences have you taken overall in your HS history? Will dropping AP Bio mean that you have no exposure to biology in high school? Competitive colleges generally want to see at least exposure (even if not AP/IB level) to bio, chem, and physics.

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I assumed that a student with AP Physics 1&C and enrolled in AP Bio would have taken regular or honors bio and chem when I said you could take Forensic Science, but perhaps I’m wrong about that, so can you clarify? If you have not taken Bio before, you do need to take it, but not necessarily AP (regular or honors would be fine).

I just really don’t enjoy ap bio. I’ve taken bio and chem already.

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i’ve already taken regular bio and chem.

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Do you think tufts is a viable choice or should I just ed northeastern?

I was thinking of taking stat over pysc because I was looking to major in applied math.

Applied math majors take calculus-based stats.
I guess you could take stats instead of psych to get a basic idea what statistics is about but it wouldn’t really be similar to what you’d take as an applied math major.

Tufts and Northeastern are quite different. Northeastern is all about the co-ops, with your friends being gone half the time and year round learning either from co-op or from courses. Apply where you have a preference as both are basically equally difficult to get into.