Courseload vs. UW GPA

<p>So basically I screwed up big time by taking a tougher courseload than I can handle, and my UW GPA is taking the hit as a result. I'm a Junior with 4 APs and Honors English and I've gotten a B in all of my AP classes. Does the fact that I've had a rigorous courseload make up for my awful UW GPA (3.5-3.6)? Can my AP scores also salvage my admissions if I score highly on them (4 or 5s)?</p>

<p>i think a rigorous courseload is always more desirable than As in regular classes. a B or better means the AP class is appropriate for UW 3.5-3.6 is NOT awful! as far as AP scores, admissions won't look much at them, til you're ready to get the credit, when you've chosen a school. AP scores are not usually sent with application. (save your money!)</p>

<p>Yeah I have never actually sent my AP scores to any colleges. Thanks for the feedback, and hopefully colleges look past my UW GPA</p>