Courses determined - how to say this in English?

<p>Hey my native language is not English and I'm applying to US universities.</p>

<p>Could anyone tell me how to explian this effectively?</p>

<p>All my courses are determined by the school. I'm supposed to take certain courses at certain times and I could not take other courses. (Believe it or not, I'm in college!)</p>


<p>i don’t understand your question</p>

I mean every student who has the same major will have exactly same schedules.</p>

<p>The college you attend has a core curriculum.</p>

<p>Thanks. But I thought a core curriculum means you have to elect certain amout of credit hours from many different categories? I major in journalism and I’m don’t have and nature science or math courses scheduled.</p>

<p>How about “a rigid set of courses/classes on a fixed schedule without any additional courses allowed”</p>