Courses I should take next semester

<p>This fall I will be starting my third semester at the flagship state university in my state.
I have been wanting to transfer for a long time but I haven't had the confidence to apply to transfer until recently. My question is what should I take next semester if I hope on transferring for Spring semester of 2011?
Next semester I am planning on taking (18 credits)
Mathematical Proof 4cr.
Diff. Eq. 4cr.
Statistics II 4cr.
Microecon II 4cr.
Chinese IV 4cr.
Does this course schedule sound rigorous enough? (recommendations on what courses I should take would be greatly appreciated)</p>

<p>I have already taken Statistics I, Linear Algebra, CalcI,II,III and a bunch of Chinese history and art history courses. I had a 3.8 GPA last semester and SATs are 650V 650M 520W.</p>