Courses to take to get into Marshall School of Business at USC??

Hi everyone,
I am a Canadian student who is looking to apply to the Marshall School of Business at USC, for an undergraduate in Business Administration. Im not sure how American high school courses work, but I am planning on taking Calculus, Data Management, Economics, English, and I already currently have obtained Advanced Function and Business Leadership. I was wondering if these courses are suitable, or should I take another Social Science or Humanities course to better my chance of getting in.

I currently have a GPA of about 3.5, though I am hoping to raise it to 3.6, with a decent SAT score. My extra curricular activities could be a little better, though I have a strong essay and background.((also my grades were weak is grade 9 and 10, is that bad for my application???)) Is it possible that I could be admitted to the school? or should I be looking elsewhere. USC is my dream school since forever!

Thank you!!

USC is not a state school but there is a USC transfer forum, you get more help there as in past applicants can tell you the pre-req and such.