Hi everyone! I am an incoming freshman at Gettysburg in the class of 2023. I just was assigned my first year seminar class (“Crossing Borders: Immigration, Identity, and Development” (Peoplesoft Course ID Number: 80624 )). I am planning to take three more classes to complete my schedule. I was just curious if any current students/recent alumni/parents have any suggestions for when I register for classes next week. I think I am interested in political science but not sure how much I want to dive into that during my first semester. I don’t love math/science, but if there are good classes that might fill some curriculum requirements, please let me know! Any classes I should(n’t) take? Thanks for any advice!

Not a grad, but a mom with 2 kids in college.

Here are the courses you’ll need as a Poly Sci major-- you can take one or two to get your feet wet.

Here are the General Ed requirements:

My suggestion: English comp, a math course, a foreign language course, a science course, and /or one or two Poly Sci classes.

check for an idea of the best/worst profs if you don’t get that info here.

You will probably be meeting with an advisor at orientation. But I would try to block this stuff out first.

Thank you for the insight! Very helpful and definitely breaks it down well. As you probably have seen/gone through, it seems super overwhelming at first!

@bailey0117 Hello! First year dad here. Curious if you are all set. My DD registered and is fairly happy with the process. She has a FYS, language, math, science. She’ll meet with whomever at Sunderman when you all get started in August, but otherwise she’s good to go! DM me if you need anything.