Coursework and test requirements For Transferring To MIT

MIT states:
To prepare for MIT’s academic program we recommend that transfer students take one year each of college-level calculus and calculus-based physics, and one semester each of biology and chemistry.

Im currently pursuing a BBA and my college doesnt have calc or calc-based physics classes.
Are there any online courses or any other way to take these courses and get credits which will be considered by MIT ?

Also,does a year of college-level calculus include calc 1 only or calc 2 too?

At MIT, calc 1 and calc 2 are covered in one semester and calc 3 is covered in the following semester.


Transferring to MIT is quite difficult to do. I know that some have done it, but in four years at MIT I never met anyone who had transferred into MIT.

Do you have other places that you are considering transferring to, or is the plan to stay where you are if you do not get into MIT?

To me just at first glance “any college that does not offer calculus” and “MIT” seem like almost opposites. I guess this does give a motivation to make the transfer.

Have you looked carefully at the general education requirements for MIT?

Any chance you are an international student, OP? BBAs are more common in other countries than in the US, and OP could be in the social sciences college of a university.

Im doing BBA at a pure business school , hence no math and science.

i was always good at math and science but dropped Science after 8th grade and Math after 10th grade , but now i realise i shouldve have sticked to STEM and STEM is better suited for me.

Im picking up highschool math and science fairly quick.

I would like to learn Aerospace engineering , any other good uinversities in the USA that you would recommend? MIT is my first preference though.

my high school grades have a upward Trend , and i am working hard for my university GPA too,also would scoring high on SAT help?

im a good coder and planning to do a small startup , will this be a good extracurricular , will this help me standout?

overall i have a upward trend , and is an attempt at pivoting from a Non-stem to STEM something that MIT would consider as a admission-worthy quality?


What year are you in now? Are you in your first year of university?

I am thinking that you might want to focus on a university that is easier to get accepted to compared to MIT. MIT is a very heavy math/science university. There are substantial requirements in terms of the math and science classes that you need to graduate regardless of your major. Math and science classes are not easy at MIT.

As an example, this is entirely true. However, “calc 1 and calc 2” in one semester (18.01) was the easiest math class that I took at MIT (I was a math major so I took a lot of math classes).

Have you taken all of the prerequisites for calculus (algebra, trigonometry, precalculus)? If so, then how did you do in them?

There are a LOT of other universities to consider. To me it sounds like you need to very seriously consider other universities. There is a huge gap between “no math and science classes” and “MIT” and there are many very good universities that fill this gap quite well.

What other universities would you recommend?

Have you taken all of the prerequisites for calculus (algebra, trigonometry, precalculus)? If so, then how did you do in them?

i learned from khan academy.

One problem is that there are hundreds to consider. Another issue is that business is not my strength. A third problem is that you have not told us much about what you want in a university or what your stats and finances are.

You might want to start another thread to ask people to suggest universities for you to consider. In order to get useful advice you will need to tell us somewhat more about what your situation is and what you are looking for. Basically the advice that people give can only be as good as their understanding of your situation.