<p>I'm wondering, are Pomona professors harsh graders? Also, how rigorous are the course loads? Do students spend a large portion of their free time partying? Lastly, what is life like for a biology major student?</p>

<p>These are hard questions to answer because it really depends on the particular courses the student is taking. Some professors are hard graders, some less so. Some courses have a ton of work, some less. </p>

<p>Compared to other schools with which I have been affiliated, Pomona courses are rigorous, and much is expected of students. This should not be a problem for you, however, if you are qualified enough to get in, and if you are motivated.</p>

<p>Certainly some students party, but I wouldn't say they spend a large portion of their free time doing so. It's not a party school by any stretch of the imagination, but there are always parties going on for those who are so inclined.</p>

<p>Irene, '03</p>

<p>It completely depends on the professor you have. Ask around about professors before signing up for classes if you're worried. Some are legendary harsh graders, some are legendarily sympathetic.</p>

<p>Bio majors seem to have a ton of work, but manage to party as much as everyone else.</p>