Cover letter?

What should a covering letter for an application be like? Brief? Formal?

<p>You will hear some people say that sending an interesting cover letter will give you an up in admission. In reality, cover letters mean nothing to almost all colleges and they prefer now on-line applications which don't even give you an opportunity for a cover letter. In other words, if you insist on sending a cover letter keep it short because the last thing most admin officers want, who each have to review several hundred to over a thousand apps, is something extra to read that was not asked for in the app.</p>

<p>Ah. Yes, that's what inspired me to have a cover letter. But that cleared some things up. Thanks.</p>

<p>what is a cover letter? Like a summary about yourself??</p>

<p>most the adcoms dont want it.... since they only have 20 min or so to read the whole application, you'd be better off not sending one</p>