COVID 19 Precautions on Campus and College Choices for 2022

Who has considered the presence/lack of presence of precautionary measures on campus in building their list of colleges for Fall, 2022 applications? Some colleges with minimal or no precautions are mandated so by their states of course.


I think it’s a much more reasonable criterion than the arbitrary and widely divergent Top-n list of the various magazines for year X.

Here is the litmus test on how much they REALLY put your students’ well-being first, how caring they are as an employer, how much they are a scientific institution - vs. just selling degrees.

In addition to regular testing and other policies, some colleges worked hard last summer, investing into added technology in all lecture halls and seminar rooms, so that any class could be attended in person if safe, or remotely from isolation — or even from across the country or globe if traveling was not permitted for some.

Yes, the bottom line suffered for the year, but it was/is right and necessary.


Covid protocols were a major consideration in the schools my D selected to apply to for transfer as well as the one she ultimately chose to attend this fall.