These are unlikely scenarios as most young and healthy students would do just fine and cope with college health center services even if they got infected but many would get sick enough to need a caregiver or hospitalization. Every family should have a plan for every possible outcome. Find out answers to questions like these to avoid last moment panic.

What’s the hospital transfer strategy at your school? Do you have legal power to handle your kid’s healthcare?

Do they have a closure threshold or benchmark for your school?What would lead to a closure? Is it 5% students positive, 1 employee dead, lockdown in the city? Do you have to go home if that happens.

As at most schools, health center has limited role in caretaking and mostly fellow students carry this load. They check on you, feed you, help bring prescription medicines from pharmacy or drive you to the urgent care or ER, update your parents etc. What would happen if they can’t help due to pandemic’s distancing rules? Would employees do all that or parents will come and take student home or stay in hotel until issues are resolved?