COVID Essay Question

Hi: I’m hearing that some schools may want students to write a COVID essay and others may not, unless the student has a legitimate COVID experience. I have a question on this. Say I’m applying to Syracuse on October 1 and don’t submit a COVID essay using the Common App. And then say I apply to Georgia on October 15 and do submit a COVID essay (because I hear Georgia wants responses to that). If the Syracuse admissions officer opens my Common application on say, November 1, will they see the COVID essay? Thanks!

You will receive notification when Syracuse downloads your application. Usually it is within 1-2 working days after submitting. After that you can change your application for the next school.

Got it. Thank you. Someone told me that if you make changes to your common app, the changes go to every school, but that dosen’t seem correct.

Just want to make sure that I understand. Let’s say that I’ve submitted 3 applications by October 1 to schools A, B and C, and I have answered “no” to the COVID question and not submitted any COVID essay. Schools A, B and C have downloaded my application by mid-October. Then, on November 1, I decide to apply to school D, who really wants all kids to submit a COVID essay, so I revise my Common App to include a Covid essay. When I submit the revised common app, do schools A, B and C automatically receive it along with the COVID essay (even though I didn’t want them to)? Thanks again.

This is just my opinion, but why not apply the same strategy re: COVID essay to all schools? If you have something compelling to say in the COVID essay, then send it to everyone. If not, then leave it blank. Be careful about making decisions based on rumor. How certain are you that Georgia “wants” a COVID essay? You could also contact your region’s admissions officer at these schools and ask them directly.

I don’t know about the COVID essay specifically but last year my child submitted different Common Ap essays to different schools.