Covid vaccines roll outs in your state or location

Yes, the implication would be to send more doses to the Bay Area and coastal northern CA. However it would have looked bad politically to be prioritizing the rich people.

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Just stuffed my card in a drawer. Unless I decide to go to Maui, I am extremely confident that I will have zero use for it going forward.

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Science anyone?

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What “issue”? (I have a primary care MD and while I may mention it to him, I have no reason to take the card with me to “prove” that I’m vaccinated.)

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I think the clinics that are being run by the govt are in more rural areas. The one in Salisbury MD was on the eastern shore - great in the summer but not so popular in the spring. On the news they were talking about 3 in the country being run by the feds, and one was in IL, don’t remember the other, and the third was in Pueblo CO. Pueblo is not a big metro area but people can drive there from other more populated areas (Denver, Colo Springs).

Some of the vaccine was targeted to certain pharmacies to get to the senior population and nursing homes, then teachers. Kroger may have then distributed to its more rural locations too. Here, the mountain Krogers may have received more vaccine than they needed to get all nursing homes in the area covered so were able to give it to the general population faster.

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@BunsenBurner On my work Zoom meeting today, there were only 2 people left who were unvaccinated. With hundreds of appointments open today just 1.5 hr N, E or S, everyone on the call tried to convince them to get in the car and go get the shot today rather than waiting until next week when eligibility fully opens up but appointments will be harder to find.


Son2 got an appointment! Wisconsin opened up Monday and he snagged a spot for next week.


NH will be opening up to residents of all states on April 19. That should help people in MA get appointments though I don’t think I’d be happy if I was living in southern NH.


I think NH requires residency for the vaccine.

The Department of Veterans Affairs just announced that all veterans are now eligible to get vaccinated through the VA, not just those who were already enrolled in VA health care. I got my vaccinations through the VA about a month before I would have been eligible using California’s guidelines, so I think the VA is doing a very good job with this.

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NH announced today that this is changing.


Way to promote interstate tourism!! :+1:


I’ve had my (completed) vax card for quite a while now (over 2 months), haven’t laminated it, and never had any intention of doing so.


Allocation of COVID-19 vaccine to California is being reduced for some reason (probably due to production errors in making the J&J vaccine): California expecting nearly 90% fewer J&J vaccines next week . A small increase in Pfizer and Moderna doses will not make up for the reduction in J&J doses, and many of the Pfizer and Moderna doses are needed for second doses, so those looking for a first dose (of any COVID-19 vaccine) may find it more difficult to find one.

It would not be surprising if other states see similar supply reductions, although the effect may not be visible to vaccine-seekers in states with high rates of vaccine refusal.

WA is going to see a similar reduction precisely due to the loss of J&J vaccine.

CT also getting less J and J. I believe last week they got about 50,000 doses. This coming week I think it’s about 6000. But apparently CT has a good supply of Moderna and Pfizer.

Hoping this J and J shortfall is brief. I know a ton of people who want to be one and done.

I also read somewhere that Pfizer has increased production whereas Moderna is producing at the same rate.

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CVS wants to be your go to second shot place.


I know there is plenty of $$ in it for them but HATS OFF to the pharm companies and their workers who are working tirelessly to keep churning production out.

Would love to hear some insight from production workers