Covid vaccines roll outs in your state or location

How else do you prove you’ve been vaccinated? I’d rather a card than a digital passport tbh.

The CCRC says a photo of your vaccination card showing covid vaccinations is sufficient, so no need to any physical card. I took a photo and will use that and keep card at home.

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Is there any likelihood that daily activities like entering a grocery store would ask to see the vaccine card?

The other thing is, once vaccine becomes easily available for anyone to get next day if they want, if you lose all vaccine records (and there are no records in your primary care physician’s office, any pharmacy, or state vaccination registry) and need to present proof of vaccination, you can just get vaccinated again and get a new vaccination record. It is not like the vaccine will be that expensive (J&J $10, Moderna $37 per dose) even if you have to pay for it yourself.

I don’t see us needing proof of vaccination for day to day tasks. This should become just like any other proof of vaccination. When you need it for school or work or travel you give them your immunization record just like you do now, by printing out a copy or completing a form with the information on it.

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Who knows lol. NY already has some sort of passport app. Florida is passing laws against requiring one.

HI is exploring how to integrate covid-19 vaccinations into their safe travels program


:+1: I’m all for it. We have traveled to HI twice since the safe travels has been implemented, have at least two more trips pfe-booked, and getting swabbed for Covid and paying for this is getting old. :slight_smile:

Yeah, our S isn’t thrilled having to be tested either but wants to keep from getting anyone ill, especially elders and vulnerable folks. He’s flown a bit since COVID.

I keep my vaccine card with my passport but I also have the NYS Excelsior Pass - only info required was where and when I got the vaccination, which is stored in state records, anyway. I had to be a full two weeks past the second shot before I was eligible for the Pass. I don’t know if or where I will use it but having it (along with a picture of my card) on my phone is very convenient (it can be printed, as well). it is currently only valid a month at a time due to lack of knowledge about how long the vaccine is effective but the expectation is that it will renew monthly. Not sure yet if I have to take any action for that to happen as I am still within the first month.

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My PCP will be adding my covid vaccines to my yellow card which is always with my passport. She suggested making a copy of the card to also keep there. This has also been entered into my immunization records with my PCP.

30 and 27 yr old kids won’t be eligible until April 19. Expect that them getting appointments will be impossible for weeks. 32 yr old child was lucky to get vaccinated as she is a teacher.

What stinks about the Excelsior Pass is that it only works if you were vaccinated in NYS. My son is a college student in NY and will be for at least two more years. However, he was vaccinated in our home state of MD. There is no way for him to get the Excelsior Pass for use while living in NY despite the fact that he is vaccinated. It’s too bad there is no way to upload his card to the Excelsior Pass. His college does have an online copy of his card that we uploaded to his college medical file. He won’t be taking his physical card back to college with him, but will have a photo of it on his phone. It will be interesting to see how NY venues handle this kind of thing for people living or visiting NY but who were not vaccinated there.

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I didn’t realize it wouldn’t recognize vaccination in other states. However, I suspect there would be an very loud reaction if there was a federal database for Covid vaccinations. Hopefully, a picture of a CDC vaccine card will be proof enough for out-of-staters in NY, like college students.

Once it becomes easy to get vaccinated in NY (probably within a few months), the easy way to get an Excelsior Pass is to get vaccinated again in NY.

Are you suggesting someone who is already fully vaccinated should get vaccinated again? Is this even medically advisable…never mind that this person getting vaccinated again would be taking a spot possibly that someone who hasn’t been vaccinated at all would benefit from having?


I wish we could get a federal vax passport system and keep it 100% voluntary. Sign up if you want to, don’t if you don’t. As a business, use it is you want to, don’t if you don’t.

I can see a gazillion ways where it could make things easier and safer in the near future. People could choose which businesses (or whatever) they wanted to go to based upon their choices - and that works for both sides.

It’s not that difficult now for students to get vaccinated where my son goes to college. Unfortunately that was not the case 10 days ago when he was sent home to quarantine after one of his roommates tested positive 72 hours before my son’s “hard to get” appointment (at the time, eligible in NY early due to his campus job, prior to when NY opened up to 16+). I called to try and reschedule but at the time, no appts anywhere near his campus so we had to cancel.

Since J&J was readily available here in our home state, we chose to get him vaccinated yesterday while he is home rather than risk waiting until he got back. In the meantime, NYS opened up lots of appointments but we didnt want him to wait since we had J&J available and he would be “fully vaccinated” sooner since he was headed back to congregate living.

It does not make sense that he would get vaccinated again in NY. Why would he do that?

I called my dr office to tell them I had my covid vaccine and they added it to my records. I also did that for my shingrix that I got a a pharmacy as well. I have never needed to provide my vaccine records for anything, but I’m guessing my dr records would not work for anything since they just wrote what I told them and really don’t have anything official, right? When does one need to prove vaccinations? I wouldn’t have any way to prove my vaccines as they were so long ago or just received as needed at various locations. My kids (20/18) both have detailed records through pediatrician and I recently transferred that info to a general practitioner since her pediatrician left the practice.

There is talk of boosters and such, so there does not seem to be any medical reason against getting vaccinated twice.

Pretty sure many people have gotten vaccinated against other diseases beyond the standard schedule due to missing records, questions about the quality of older vaccines (e.g. early measles vaccines), or questions about fading immunity from long ago vaccinations (e.g. mumps, pertussis).

That is why I wrote “Once it becomes easy to get vaccinated”, meaning that it is no longer a “hunger games” scenario to get the vaccine, so someone getting revaccinated for any reason is not excluding anyone else from getting a vaccine.

He did say this is regards to “one day” when the vaccine is available to get like the next day - which I think means, most who want it have it snd it becomes a shelf staple in doc offices or pharmacies.

I do not know the advisability of spacing out THIS vaccine.

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