Cowell vs. College 8

<p>I'm almost for sure going to be going to UC Santa Cruz as a freshman in the fall, and I only have a few days left to decide my housing. I visited a while ago and I really liked Cowell/Stevenson, and College 8. I liked Cowell/Stevenson because they were right next to the gym and the tennis courts and other athletic facilities, but I also really liked College 8 because they had some bball courts & tennis courts as well as that whole UCSB feel, and UCSB was and still is my top choice (still waiting to hear from my appeal there). I like to party a lot and drink and all that good stuff, and apparently I hear that College 8 has the best parties? Also, is the isolation at College 8 really an issue? Because I like to go the gym as much as I can, so would that be a problem since the gym is near Cowell? Basically I'm a guy that really likes chilling with friends.. also partying a lot as well as working out and playing sports. How are the girls at each college and the people in general? I'm not trying to sound vague/superficial because I'm not at all, and education is also really important to me, I just really want to know about all the pros and cons about each college so I can land in the right spot for me.</p>

<p>I'd appreciate it a lot if you could help me choose which college to apply for. Thanks!</p>

<p>I'd go with Cowell. It has plenty of parties too. And the truth is, most parties happen off campus because on campus parties tend to get shut down quickly.
And you can't really lump the people from a college into any kind of generalization. Each college attracts all different types. Even people at Porter aren't all hippie artists.</p>

<p>Yeah man, I'm in the same exact spot as you. I've heard from multiple people that Cowell has the chillest people and the best parties. Plus, the view and the location, it was my first choice for sure.</p>