CPA requirements impossible at my undergrad school?

<p>So unless I've totally gotten this wrong, an educational requirement for CPA licensure is 150 semester units or 225 quarter units. My college (which runs on a quarter system) has a maximum of 200 units for undergraduates. Is my only solution to continue onto grad school for the additional 25 units needed?</p>

<p>I am not a cpa, however, I have done alot of research on this since my son may want to go into accounting when he is in college. I do not know where you live, but in most states you do need the 150 units. That said, yes, you do need to go for either an mba or an ms in accounting. This is done usually in one year. Most folks going for a cpa go for the ms degree simply becuase it is only one yr as opposed for two years with an mba.</p>

<p>Just curious, what college do you attend??</p>

<p>University of California, San Diego.
thanks for your reply!</p>

<p>Note that, in California, a master’s degree is not required. However, a bachelor’s degree, 150 semester or 225 quarter units, and sufficient units in specified categories of courses is required. See <a href=“”></a> . In theory, you could take the extra units at community colleges, during summer sessions, or as a non-degree student at some university, if you otherwise are able to complete the other requirements.</p>