CR Help!

<p>I've been getting a score of 460-560 in the Critical Reading sections. However, my score varies consistently. Also, I get ALL the indirect questions right (for example: the author implies that... or the overall tone of the passage is...). However, I get most of the direct questions incorrect (for example: in line ..., the author ). Can anyone help?! I'm free to suggestions!</p>

<p>(before this Monday PLEASE!! :) )</p>

<p>Do a lot more practice tests. The more you do, the more you understand how it works and how you should approach the problem. The problem I see many times is that it lures you into making inference or personal conclusion that is beyond what being said in the passage. You need to stay with facts that are being said within the passage and no more.</p>

<p>Also when you do practice tests, you need to review the answers including the ones you did correctly. I would go over every questions of the style that you have problem with. Carefully reexamine all the question and justify to yourself why the wrong answers are wrong and why the right answer is right. Do a lot of this and you will get a good sense of how you can get this right every time.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for your advice. But can someone please tell me how to specifically tackle the direct, in-text questions?</p>

<p>bump.... please help!!</p>

<p>buuummppp, yet again....
need advice ASAP!!!</p>