CR Question (Sentence Completion)

<p>It is indeed E.</p>


<p>For the art question</p>

<p>another way of lookign at it is through process of elimination (that's what I did)</p>

<p>if you have anything to do with sinister elements, it will no longer be an entirely good/positive word as the choice, so you can eliminate choices A, C, and D based on the second blank.</p>

<p>looking at the first blank, if something is subtly done, then they will not say an extreme word (eg nobody says the building subtly exploded)</p>

<p>both invade and devestate can be read as extreme words, but only devestate is always that way, and so you can eliminate devestate as an answer choice</p>

<p>this leaves you with only choice B, which is the correct answer</p>

<p>I hope this makes sense to you (this is what I thought of when I did the question, it might not work for you)</p>

<p>That was very helpful. Thanks..</p>

<p>I simply do not understand the last part of the sentence about the "beauty of our surroundings".</p>

<p>for the second part of the art question, it says the ____ beauty of our surroundings, so the blank has to describe the beauty, like what kind or degree of beauty it is</p>

<p>sorry if this is more obvious and basic than what you were asking</p>



<p>This is what I took of it: </p>

<p>(1)Ok...painting, one....</p>

<p>(2)idyllic, seems like poetic and nice</p>

<p>(3)sinister is like the contrast of what the painting is described as</p>

<p>(4)____subtly added it seems like should fit</p>

<p>(5)____ beauty...seems like it would be the opposite of the beauty that is normally seen</p>