CR questions from the blue book

As contrasted with the language in the opening paragraph, the advice offered by V’s friends functions primarily to
a. break the mood of abstracted musing
b. introduce an element of foreboding</p>

<p>explanation from official guide:
Choice (B) is incorrect. The advice is accompanied by giggles. It introduces an element of cheerful vulgarity, rather than foreboding. There is no suggestion that anything bad is going to happen. </p>

<p>Does foreboding always means forecast something bad to happen? i don’t see this definetion from the dictionary</p>

<p>and a few trivial questions from Barron writings</p>

<li>A bale of hay dropped off (from) the truck on the way to Dover.
don’t we always have to use Drop off from the truck instead of drop off the truck </li>
<li>Olympic Games is (or are??)</li>
<li>a book describes( can a book always describes? or it should be a book described?)</li>
A.Based on his exceptionally hardy and well-preserved physique, 77 year old JG was chosen by NASA officials. ^^</li>

<p>B>Because his physique was exceptionally hardy and wellpprserved, NASA officials chose 77 year old JG.</p>

<p>why is A wrong?</p>

<p>thank you very much!!!</p>



<p>Yes, foreboding does mean an imminent sense of doom, and is thus, in context, usally associated with doom or "evil." </p>

<p>Sorry, I can't answer your second question (I don't have Barron's).</p>

<p>"and a few trivial questions from Barron writings"</p>

<p>While taking the tests written by Barron's tends to add to your confusion, discussing the correctness of their questions and answers is always futile. Despite all their years of trying, the Barron's writers have never been able to crawl out of their cesspool of mediocrity.</p>