CR- sentence completion vocab

<p>ahhhhhhh i completely screwed up the vocab.</p>

<p>at least i knew what a sinecure was..</p>

<p>yeah i wasn't a fan of the sentence completions.</p>

<p>sinecure? did i have a different sc set?</p>

<p>was commanding : compassion one? Was invade / produce (may be wrong word. forgot). Was fleeting one? Was triumvirate or tenure?</p>

<p>invade - manufacture for the virus one</p>

<p>was triumvirate one?</p>

<p>yeahh i got triumverate</p>

<p>I dont know.. i put tri but tenure does make sense to.. i even used tenure in my essay...</p>

<p>was maudlin an answer at all? it came up twice in the answer choices</p>

<p>No maudlin was never an answer. The answer to ONE of them was vacuous.</p>

<p>what the hell does mawkishness or whatever mean...talking about how even sophisticated readers coulnd't handle the book, opacity was a choice, so was fervor</p>

<p>a 700 on CR is approximately how many wrong?/</p>

<p>probably 6-8 depending on curve</p>

<p>anyone remember the one about the governor's financial dealings?</p>


<p>or the reconciliation- insuperable one</p>

<p>That one was impasse/insurmountable.</p>

<p>anyone remember the one about negotiations being held off?</p>

<p>Was triumvirate one or tenure? Stillmanz i think that the person above you answerd that question iirc..
squander/profligacy was answer.</p>

<p>i put trium but i don't know</p>