CR Short Passage Help?

<p>The long passages I usually do perfectly on, getting one or two wrong here and there due to really not reading the choices/question well enough. </p>

<p>The short passages, on the other hand, I usually almost get entirely wrong. You guys/gals have any suggestions on short passages? The 2-4 points I lose every time from short passages alone are seriously lagging me from 700-750s to 650s. </p>

<p>The thing on long passages where you underline specifically mentioned lines on questions has worked well, but it's not really useful on passages that are like 8 lines long. Anyone have tips/tools like that?</p>

<p>Find exact lines that support the answer - because the passages are short, it's typically pretty easy to find an exact line that prove or disprove an answer choice.</p>

<p>Bump anyone?</p>