Craig Silverstein, Google's first employee joined Khan Academy

"[Leaving Google] was an extremely difficult choice. I am as passionate about Google's mission now as I've ever been, and as proud of the work we're doing to achieve it," Silverstein said in a farewell email obtained by AllThingsD. "While a lot has changed at Google over the years, I think we've done a remarkable job of staying true to our core mission of making the world a better place by making information more accessible and useful. I am looking forward to pursuing that same mission, though in a slightly different way, at Khan." </p>

<p>Silverstein will work as a developer at Khan, which is also located in Mountain View, Calif.


<p>Google's</a> First Employee Departs for Khan Academy | News & Opinion |</p>

<p>and we should care about a multi millionaire employee leaving Google because..............?</p>

<p>Because someone cares about education. Does it make sense?</p>

<p>Life is about challenge and achievement. Once you have accomplished as much as you can at one job, it is time to move to the next job. And if got rich from your first job, your options for the second are greatly expanded. It's a great day for Mr. Silverstein and his new employer.</p>