CRAP! Apps submitted but..

<p>Literally 20 seconds after I submitted my apps..I noticed that I left out the word "an" before the word "environment" in the last sentence of my whypenn essay...I proofread it like 4000 times and had it proof read by other people..although i changed the last sentence right before i submitted so I must've forgot to add the an and the last person who proofread it must have not have noticed either...</p>

<p>should i contact penn and change this? or is one "an" not going to make a difference? it's the last sentence of my essay too =/</p>

<p>i don't think it's going to matter much.
it's too much work to change just an "an"</p>

<p>Yeah, that happened to me last year. But I had worse mistakes than that in my essays. I proof read them too and I got people to proof read them but still, I wasn't able to catch some mistakes! I wouldn't worry cause I still got accepted and I am at SEAS right now ;).</p>

<p>Lol, I think if you contacted them to add the word "an," you'd automatically be rejected. Don't worry about it.</p>

<p>oh my resume i accidentally use "High School Junior" Instead of "Senior" I used the resume i did over the summer...any..thoughts?</p>

<p>OMG I made this mistake: "this was how it had begun" instead of "began". Damn me and my bad English. Am I screwed for Penn? (considering my other stats, I'd probably get in, but now with this....)</p>

<p>it has been documented that any applicant to upenn with any form of a mistake on their app is automatically rejected, regardless of the merits of the rest of their application</p>

<p>give me a ****ing break people, stop posting about stupid typos and stuff</p>

<p>F you............</p>

<p>I accidently sent Penn my why Columbia essay.</p>

<p>is that going to hurt me?</p>


<p>haha, chocoman you rock.</p>

<p>OMG Tobsta, this means I am doomed! Good be cruel world! I am jumping off the Ben Franklin bridge tomorrow!</p>

<p>just btw, i found, just right now, ugh, two capitalization errors (one of then had a punctuation error in it as well). I have absolutely no clue how they got in there, because I checked the file and they aren't in there. maybe i attached an old file (those are the only two things i found). ****! my social security number and now this. bye bye penn =[</p>

<p>although angel girl has given me some hope!</p>

<p>the trick is to not look at what you sent in already that way you don't torture yourself!</p>

<p>yes! I agree ritzbitz...that's what I am doing. I think its a form of denial. Eh. My admissions officer is a former English is good.</p>

what I'm nervous about is I just gave my common app essay to former english teachers to get their opinion on it before I submit it to my regular schools (I didn't finish it early enough the first round to give to more than one) and I'm scared they will tell me all these things wrong with it. My guidance counselor did read it and liked it, but she's a moron</p>

<p>writing a college essay is not the same as writing an essay for english class. If you just want them to make sure you dont sound like an idiot, then yeah, that's a good idea,but I wouldnt necessarily take their style suggestions.</p>

<p>excatly, stylistically you have to stand out from the rest to catch their attention. Unless you have a really cool english teacher, they tend to want you to write more formally, which is not what you ought to be doing for undergraduate essays.</p>

<p>true but they can tell whether its interesting or not or makes you sound snobby, etc</p>