crap sat score

<p>Hello everybody. This is my **** sat score </p>

<p>Critical Reading 610 82%
Math 630 82%
Writing 670 93%
Multiple Choice 61 (score range: 20-80)<br>
Essay 12 (score range: 2-12) </p>

<p>I have no freaking idea how i did soo bad - i studied my ass off, got 2150's constantly in practice test - and this score is 30 points lower than the test is took in Jan!?? Howd i do so freaking bad? I really worked very hard, did a dozen practices - stayed up late and did my best. </p>

<p>Look at the critical reading score - 670 with a mc 61 and an essay 12???!! According to EVERY single SAT test prep book I have, it should be a 730 +.</p>

<p>Do you guys think i should use score verification and do you think it would really help at all?</p>

<p>I am so sad</p>

<p>btw i took this test in india - would that increase the possibility of an scoring errors?</p>

<p>did your score increase after verification?
im from India too,facing the same dilemma as you were!wondering if I should opt for verification or not!</p>