Crappppp emergency! Please?!

<p>Hey guys, I’m pretty much freaking out here…
I’m applying early admission to Boston College, and I thought I submitted my SAT scores already… needless to say, I’m an idiot, and just realized I need to submit them (so I did). The application is due today, and the SAT scores will not arrive for 1-2 weeks! The application website says SAT scores must be recieved by November 1st. Am I totally screwed? Do I bother rush reporting?</p>

<p>I know it's after the fact, but did you rush? Being so close, it might not have gotten there anyway</p>

<p>I did the same thing :S Except I didn't send it as a rushed report. Am I in trouble?</p>

<p>Were they SAT II scores ? Last year, my daughter took her SAT II kind of late, so they deferred her application to regular decision.</p>

<p>All scores.</p>

<p>uh oh.</p>

<p>Call College Board and ask them to send it rush. They are profit driven and will be happy to sell you the extra service. Heck, if you pay enough, the College Board will deliver them via singing telegram!</p>

<p>Many schools do not accept rush reports, I don't know about BC. And it's not that much quicker. It's like one week instead of two, or something like that, so either way...
And you're not screwed. Worst case scenario they put you into regular action, you just find out later but it won't change your chances.
There is hope though. I called BC today, because online it still shows my school forms being missing, even though they have everything else, and my school stuff was sent weeks ago, and they said that they probably lost it or it got "caught up in processing" so they asked me to have my school fax them over before the weekend, and said it would be totally fine still for EA. So try calling?</p>

<p>Question: I sent my SAT scores on October 28 via online rush service, but my agora says that they weren't received until November 4, am I still going to be considered for EA?</p>

<p>Yes. Don't worry about it. It takes a while for things to be listed on agora sometimes.</p>

<p>Update: I called the admissions office on Nov. 3 and they said I was fine if I rushed them THAT day. (So I would have been fine had I rushed them the 3rd). On Agora it says they recieved mine the 4th too, so simpson I think you're fine!</p>