Crappy junior year grades (Repost from other subforum)

<p>I originally posted this in the "High School Life" subforum, but I felt like this might be a more apt place for the topic.</p>


<p>As the semester (or at least my semester) draws to a close, I fear that I might end up with 2 B's on my transcript. Will this kill any hopes of getting into a top university? </p>

<p>In the greater scheme of things, the two B's actually don't have much of a negative impact on my cumulative UW GPA (brings it down by about .02) and actually raises my UW GPA (W/ 2 B's, it's actually a 4.6 which is higher than my cumulative UW, 4.3), but from what I understand, the fact that I actually did not perform optimally in two classes in my most crucial year really detracts from my overall application.</p>

<p>How will it look if those two B's became A's by second semester? I believe that this is something that I can actually manage.</p>

<p>Also, should I consider sending a supplemental letter explaining my poor grades to adcoms when I apply, while doing poorly is un-excusable, I feel like I at least need to explain myself. Would this be wise?</p>

<p>Thank you in advance for your feedback.</p>