Crappy school you can ever think of

<p>Make a lists of a crappiest school you can ever think of.</p>


<p>-On early release day, A LOT of students who don't have first period come late to second period (True story in my school)</p>

<p>-Average SAT of your school is a negative number</p>

<p>-Almost nobody knows what classes they have on next semester.</p>

<p>-AND they don't even know what classes they're taking right now.</p>

<p>-The highest math the school offer is geometry.</p>

<p>-Men who don't participate in either football, basketball, and baseball are automatically called queers.</p>

<p>-2000 kids in school, offers no AP cources but one called AP Physical Education.</p>

<p>-Where spankings are still allowed</p>

<p>It can be both realistic and unrealistic. Thanks.</p>

<li>School is mandatory and if you do not go, no matter how you feel, the authorities flush your house with anthrax</li>
<li>When you get to school they strap you into a chair and play the same recording on the loudspeaker "Six times six is thirty six, six times six is thirty six" over and over; school lasts 16 hours</li>
<li>Every day of the year for ten years</li>

<p>the 2000 kids but no AP is almost a reality at my school, we have 2300 kids but only 2 AP courses</p>

<p>"Make a lists of a crappiest school you can ever think of."</p>

<p>Bob Jones University</p>

room inspections every day
formation 5 times a day
no privacy
no tv
not allowed to sleep during the day
the door must be opened all the time unless changing or sleeping at night
mandatory lights out at 10:30 pm on weekdays
only allowed off campus on weekends
no beer
no sex on campus
no pda</p>

<p>dammit i go to that school</p>

<p>-you will be suspended by just saying "goddammit"
-you will be expelled when you don's say the Pledge of Alligience (did I spell it right?)
-Men are not allowed to wear pierce (I've heard there's a dress code like this in South)
-Physical contact between human beings are only limited to handshaking.
-You can't even have any dirty thoughts (how can people check this?)</p>

<p>usna_reject: wow, that's certainly tough guidelines. What kind of school do you go to?</p>

<p>The Naval Academy Preparatory School
next year at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis will be 10 times worse :/</p>

<p>oh yeah, usna stands for United States Naval Academy. duh, I'm stupid. I should disappear from this world for people's sake.</p>

<p>no you shouldn't :)<br>
don't come here and be happy</p>

<p>-Grades/percentages can become negative (you get a -F!)</p>

<p>students have tried to burn it down numerous times</p>

<p>Our star QB last year had grades so bad that not even being a good qb can get him a scholarship, he now works at a grocery store. (true story)</p>

<p>During lunch when almost all of the school leaves campus to eat only half return.</p>

<p>I hate my school, i dont get what I requested. I asked for Honors and APs, yet out of the stupid grade advisor's mouth she promised, Imma put u in there. When I get my stupid program, I got nothing that I requested. Look at that AP Bio i asked for last term, it disappeared in the ocean. Honors English, "u didn't get it maybe it's full, program planned by last name" .</p>

<p>worst school = la district. 2/3 of the gangstas can't even pass the california state high school exit exam. man they flunk q's like (2x +3 = 6). maybe its because they jack off everyday, so they can't even think logically with all the smoking and alcohol they do</p>

<p>You have a rank of 455/500 with a HS gpa of 4.95 (out of max weighted 5.0)</p>

<p>You moved from suburban town and talked about your old town with someone, who school comes to listen to you and ends up that school will have extra assembly of your story.</p>