Create Clubs?

Is it possible that Fake Extra Curricular clubs can be made? And have a voting and debates and stuff like that?

Ex: Young Republican/Democrat Club

…And things of that nature

Absolutely! Fake clubs and activities can be claimed by college applicants.

College admissions officers are so dumb, they never spot these things. The more fake clubs you include on your application, the better your chances of getting into Yale, Harvard, and other top schools.

So, go ahead and include a bunch on your applications. While you’re at it, claim that you are a Congressional Medal of Honor winner and Time magazine “Man of the Year”. Be sure and let us know how many colleges accept you.

But first run this advice past your high school guidance counselor … you always want to give him a heads up when you invent activities out of thin air…


NOoooooo! I mean on this website, we have clubs. Fake I mean as online!

Isn’t it cool that moderators can communicate with us now via posts instead of just cutting away “bad” parts of our own posts! or maybe only i think this

I hope he was joking about it and understood I was talking about creating them on this website. Dam celebrian 150 posts hmm I got a competitor.

yeah it shows how much of a loser i am :frowning: oh well

We should have a thread where we post all of our pictures.

Never mind about political “clubs”-----you’ve got the REAL DEAL just outside your door this month!!!

Turn off your computer!!!

Walk to your neighbor’s house and knock on the door. Ask them to vote for your favorite candidate. Give them three good reasons.

I did this when I was 17. I asked my neighbors to vote for John F. Kennedy. (what an old geezer I’m getting to be) I’ve never forgotten the actual experience of helping somone get elected, but couldn’t begin to explain to you how good it was.

You have to knock on a neighbor’s door to find out for yourself. Its a REAL experience----not fake!


Make sure that the candidate you support will be someone that (years from now) you will be PROUD to say that you helped elect: someone who inspires you rather than appeals to your fears.

Well I thought of that along time ago but concerning a different issue. But, thats a good idea lol.

Put fight club on your application. It is a legitimate club.

Dude this isnt funny, I take education very seriously and work hard for everything I do. I meant as in creating clubs on this website, on this board. I meant “Fake” as in something playful online as opposed to Real Clubs at school. Thats why I posted in here and not in Highschool Life and the other sections.

Yes, there’s this part for Group Memberships in our profiles. Currently says “No group memberships” for everyone.

What’s that all about, mods?