Creating an Account at Common App

<p>next school year, i will be a senior. i want to get a head start on my common application, so can i create a common app account now and start filling in the information needed? i have an idea of what colleges i will be applying to already as well, so i just want to get it done! is that possible this early or do i have to wait for the school year to start?</p>

<p>You need to wait until August 1.</p>

<p>I really despise how the system works so that you can barely do ANYTHING before your senior year. It's annoying. There's a looming monster in the distance and we can't do anything to tame it a little, just gotta take it all.</p>

<p>i know. but if you think about it, the essays are the toughest parts. and we already know what the essay questions are (and supplement essay questions) so we can just work on those.</p>

<p>come up with broad essays that can be used for any essay.</p>

<p>You can actually get quite a bit done before August 1 by using the preview Common App has released at</p>

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<p>For example, in addition to you essay, you can work on your short answer question. You can also plan how to present your work and extracurricular activities, since the format is pretty specific. And, if you want to get a jump on other writing you might need to do, call or email the admission offices of the colleges to which you will be applying and ask if they have finalized their supplement questions yet.</p>