Creating Internship Opportunities for Yourself

<p>So I've been looking for internship (paid/unpaid doesn't matter) in my area and found NONE. I wanted something related to law/politics/development/economics but there is absolutely nothing (most opportunities are for college students). I was wondering, has anyone had success directly contacting companies they're interested in even if the company or organization posts no information about an internship position? Is it worth it to send out a ton of letter? Should the lettter just ask about the possibility or should it come attached with a resume. Any advice?</p>

<p>You might want to ask your guidance counselor if there is anything available. I know in NY State, there are various internship opportunities at the local city council member's office or a state senator's region. I wouldn't recommend sending a letter randomly to a company because they usually turn a blind-eye to a high school student. However, I DEFINITELY suggest that you find someone who has connections to one of the fields you want to intern at. It makes the process a lot easier because you'll have a direct source to him/her.</p>