Creating Quizzes

I don’t know how many instructors there are here, but I have a question about creating quizzes for the internet. Does anyone know of a program that will allow you to time each and every quiz? So far I’ve found several ones that will let you set a time limit, but nothing that reports the time of every quiz.

I am not an instructor but for the online classes I have taken, all of them were administered through Blackboard. Blackboard allows the instructor to set a time limit on exams/quizzes. While taking the exam a small box appears on the right-hand side of the screen showing a countdown from the maximum time allowed by the instructor. It will also give a 1-minute warning when you are about to run out of time.

Once the exam/quiz is complete, it will state the amount of time taken to complete it at the top of the screen. I imagine this is the information you are looking for. Unfortunately I think that Blackboard is not meant to be used for just one class. It is an online course system that the college or university you work for would need to invest in. Still, it is a great system and something worth checking into.

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