"Creative" optional introduction essay - read?

<p>Okay, I don't tend to be the creative type, but I tried something different for the optional "Introduce yourself to Penn" prompt, so I'd love if someone(s) could read my essay and tell me if it's successful or just comes off lame. It's short!</p>

<p>if you would like for me to read it pm it...</p>

<p>So I am guessing you don't want me to read it, since you still haven't sent it to me....</p>

<p>I can read it, pm me.</p>

<p>I can read it too. PM me.</p>

<p>I will read it and give feedback :)</p>

<p>Sure, send it my way.</p>

<p>i sent my app in last week, feel free to PM it to me.</p>

<p>PM it and I'd read :D</p>

<p>PM me i'll read it too :)</p>