Creative Writing or English Lit?

I am thinking about majoring in english, but I do not know if I should do a concentration in creative writing or english lit. (keep in mind that I want to be a english teacher, so I want to know which one would help me better in my career)

What state are in you and where do you want to teach? That can impact your decision. In NJ you have to double major, one in education and one in your subject area.

Doing a concentration in creative writing still means you will get an English major. I think it would be helpful to have the CW background, along with the literature courses, to expand what you can teach. Many high schools now offer creative writing as an English course.

You should be able to do a major-minor or double major in college.

Choose the one you love the most. I concentrated in literature. If you know you want to be a fiction or poetry author, then the creative writing concentration makes the most sense. Obviously you still become an excellent writer concentrating in literature, and with a creative writing focus you still get to read literature. Concentrating in literature gave me excellent analytical skills useful throughout life.

I vote for “do what you love.” Creative writing techniques are useful for nonfiction work as well as fiction, poetry, plays, etc. It’s a very useful set of skills.