Creative Writing or Strength Training & Conditioning?

<p>Which of these should I take, I am in Honors English II and will take Honors English III and IV, so Creative Writing would help me. It would also help with scholorship essay's, college entrance essay's and just general essay assignments I get from different classes.</p>

<p>On the other hand my health is important to me and should be for everyone, Strength Training & Body Conditioning will put me in a position to get a workout 5 days a week, and I will have no excuse not to do it. It will help on those days where I just dont feel like doing anything.</p>

<p>Opinions please?</p>

<p>Strength Training!! You need a period to get your mind of schoolwork, and Creative Writing will just add on to it.</p>

<p>It you actually like to write? And don't creative writing classes usually involve writing poems, stories, etc...not essays? </p>

<p>Another factor to consider would be the caliber of the class itself. At my school, Creative Writing is considered a blowoff class. Everyone serious about writing ("creative" and otherwise) goes into the AP classes.</p>

<p>All in all, it's your choice about what you want and what you can handle. Just..."essays" doesn't have an apostrophe. Sorry, that was bugging me.</p>

<p>Oh, I guess your right :) I should go back and repeat 2nd grade :( Anyways I do enjoy writing, but only on topics that interest me, and I am a pretty good writer as it is. I am always at the top of the scores when I write papers and what not</p>

<p>Creative writing.</p>

<p>Do whatever is best for you. I, personally, had this same choice last year....weight lifting owned me partially because we had a beast of a teacher who was like military sergeant, and the rest was just because I was small to begin with. I weighed 100 pounds going last year....right now I weigh about 130, but hell, I'm never taking that class again.</p>

<p>Strength Training definitely. I took that class, results were very good. :)</p>

<p>how good? because this will be my semester before summer, so if i could get a nice bod it wouldnt be a hard choice :P</p>

<p>Oh you'll definitely gain some muscle tone and mass if you're working out every day.</p>

<p>I started working out for the first time when I took the class, so I learned a lot in there just by working out (which is all we did). My form improved, as did my strength, and my max went up about 60 lbs in those two months. </p>

<p>I mostly noticed muscle mass gain in the pecks, and you'll probably think your shirts are getting smaller. :P </p>

<p>So yeah, nice bod :P</p>

<p>I'd pick strength training...and would die without a PE class.</p>

<p>The strength training class at our school is actually more of a fighting class than strength training. We finished wrestling and are moving on to submission fighting, and will eventually be boxing/mixed martial arts. I'm pumped! Oh, and getting someone to tap out or lasting against a tough opponent feels great!</p>

<p>i'd go for the strength training. In the words of Elle Woods (in "Legally Blonde"), "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands." . scratch the part about husbanicide and there you go.</p>

<p>I dont have a husband o.o Im a guy .. I dont intent to have one.</p>

<p>honestly..colleges won't care at all which one you choose, they are both electives. </p>

<p>don't worry too much, just pick the one YOU want to take and enjoy it</p>

<p>I've taken weight lifting every year. Without it, like over the summer, I don't do any other form of exercise and feel fatigued/gain weight/lose endurance/ect. Working out five days a weeks has made an unbelievable difference, especially around the holidays. (:
So it depends, would you get exercise without the Conditioning? Do you feel you get sufficient writing in your other classes?</p>