Creative Writing portfolio?

I’m a senior and I’m looking into applying to Brown for creative writing. In the application, I saw a place for an optional portfolio, and I was wondering if creative writing students should submit one? Do you think that it would hurt my chances not to? I have a lot of accomplishments in writing but i know that Brown is really tough to get into for writing and I’m not too sure how my pieces will compete with others. Thank you!

Looking at the Brown Admissions website ( ) confirms that applicants can only submit a PORTFOLIO in music or the visual arts. However, once you submit your application you’ll be able to upload additional materials via the applicant portal (as I did when I applied last year.)

You can find more information about supplementary materials in the FAQs ( .)

Hope that helps and good luck with admissions!

Thank you! Would you say that it is somewhat necessary to submit some writings in after turning in my application?

Idk about necessary b/c Brown’s Admissions website says its optional and not required (likely b/c they get a TON of applications,) so that’s a judgement that you would have to make. At the end of the day, choices about your application are up to you, so if you feel that a sample of your works is integral to how Admissions will view your application, then IMO would go ahead and submit a sample, but make sure to keep it short and sweet! :smile: