Creative writing/short stories

<p>Just wanted to know if there are others out there writing, particularly short stroies (500-2000 words) and also if anyone knows of any goodd competitions for teens. I've had very little luck with finding anything so far but I'm sure there must be some out there.</p>


<p>Scholastic Art and Writing. There are huge forums here on CC to give you the general gist of it as well as a whole website devoted to it. And if it helps, even winning at the regional level is very prestigious and Scholastic claims that this is a great achievement to write down on college apps. It's a great competition to enter and I have come out with two gold keys for my two short stories this year!:D</p>

<p>great thanks :)</p>

<p>After looking into it more, not only has the deadline passed, but as an international I wouldn't be able to enter. Thanks anyways</p>

<p>these are good too:</p>

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