Creative Writing Supplement

<p>So I consider myself a decent writer, and I've received a couple golden keys and various other awards to support that. However, I have never won a national award from Scholastic and my essays already do show off my skills to a certain extent. </p>

<p>How good does one have to be to send a competitive creative writing supplement? Do you think that the awards would seem empty without a corresponding supplement?</p>

<p>I'm submitting a creative writing supplement, too. Like you, I have several awards in creative writing that would lead one to believe that, at the very least, I'm literate in the English language. I don't think the awards would be empty without it, but I think they may take them a bit more seriously if you do submit one. Doing so does have possible drawbacks, though. If the faculty give it bad reviews then it kind of works against the writing awards. Just have several people with different perspectives and backgrounds, who haven't read your work extensively, read it over to make sure they think it's very very good and shows a lot of talent.</p>