Creative Writing?

Hi! I’m a current student at Emerson College in Boston, but I’m looking to transfer for next Spring semester. So far, Whitman seems like it would be a really great fit for me (in terms of the laid back student body, outdoorsy types, rural campus, etc). However, I was wondering how good their creative writing program is? I’m not sure how its English major (and subsequent creative writing classes) compare to some of the other schools I’m thinking about (Hamilton, Wesleyan, Kenyon, etc).


Elvisgp, I’ve been waiting for someone with real knowledge to jump in here, but, no one has. While Whitman seems like great fit for you in all other respects, I don’t think it’s English Department is especially known for it’s creative writing program, although the creative writing classes are very popular. Everyone on CC talks about Kenyon as a writers paradise.

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I’ve noticed that Whitman isn’t exactly known for their creative writing program when compared to other schools. But it also looks like their English program and major as a whole are fairly good and well respected. And perhaps this is more of a personal thing, but after being at a writing school as specific and focused as Emerson, I’ve realized that maybe it’s better to be in a program that isn’t so focused. Writing (especially fiction) is experience, and for some reason, Whitman keeps on standing out to me as the school that will offer me the best overall experience. What do we have to write about if all we learn is writing?

But yeah, I don’t know yet. Whitman seems as if it has almost everything I want, even if it’s writing program isn’t as well known or well respected as some other schools.

I’m completely biased, I think Whitman is a great school. It’s a close knit community of talented, accomplished students in a charming small city, with easy access to outdoor activities and an award winning outdoor program to help students get out there. If it’s possible for you to visit, I think you definitely should.

Yes, it’s currently my top school, so I plan to visit this summer. I’m from New York, so it might be a bit tough, but it doesn’t look too bad (flight to Seattle, then to Walla Walla).

Do you by chance know any English majors at Whitman?

No, I’m afraid I don’t know any English majors, or at least if I met them I didn’t know they were English majors. My S was in science so he has a bunch of friends in geology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and BBMB. I’m certain the admissions department would be very happy to connect you with a current English major, they are really helpful and friendly.

Elvisgp, visiting over the summer might be pretty disappointing. The campus is beautiful, but it is dead quiet when classes are out of session. You won’t get any feel for the school’s culture or vibe.

I wish I could visit during the school year, but it’ll be much harder for me. The quietness itself doesn’t really bother me (the overall noise and loudness of Boston is one reason why I’m transferring).

We visited with my daughter last summer. The campus is dead in the summer but you get a nice sense of the campus. With faraway schools you have to go when you can. The campus is very nice but not stunning. Whitman seemed like a great school. My daughter wants to major in English as well. I would be pleased if she went there but she found it too remote and the town of Walla Walla too similar to her home town. Whitman is great if you like outdoor activities too.