Credential/MAT Programs in Southern CA

My DD was just accepted to the Credential/MAT programs at UCI and CSU Fullerton. We are trying to get more details on these two programs so she can make a good decision. Anyone have any insight? TIA.

Multiple subject or single subject?

I also have a child who has recently been accepted into the credential/MAT program at UCI. The program starts in June and ends the following July while other programs don’t start until Aug/Sept. I was also under the impression that the MAT is more integrated into the UC programs than at CSUs but I could be wrong about that.

DD plans to get her multiple subject, but also wants to add a single subject, too. UCI told her there is not time to do the extra single subject methods course during the program. Fullerton hasn’t gotten back to her about it. The offices are both really busy so it is hard to get answers right now.

Yes. UCI is June through the following July. CSUF also has the credential/MAT that runs August through the following December.

I know both programs are good…

What single subject is she interested in? I believe multiple subject is K-6 so she could teach 6th grade with a multiple subject credential.

Did you compare the classes needed for multiple subject to single subject? It does seem as if it would be difficult to do both.

Also, my understanding is that if a district hires you and you have multiple credentials, you can be assigned to teach anything that you are credentialed in. So if she had multiple subjects plus science, she could be asked to teach anything from kindergarten to AP physics.

She wants to teach middle school math. She is a brave soul. She did an emphasis of math for her BA, so she only needs to take a secondary math methods course to get her single subject AFTER she gets her multiple (and pass certain math CSETS). At least this is what UCI told her.

And yes, she could be placed as an elementary or a math teacher if she has both credentials. I think she is okay with that. I taught elementary for 16 years, and now have taught middle school English for the past 13 years. I’ve been happy at both levels.

This is where we are at: UCI is closer. Fullerton is cheaper. UCI is quarter system and she will get out sooner; Fullerton is semester and would give her a semester to substitute. She just can’t decide. Sigh.

Congratulations to your DD, by the way!

Do you have credentials for both multiple and single subjects?

Has she been accepted into multiple subject? Can she change to single subject? There is a lot of demand for science and math teachers and I think there are some decent scholarships as well.

When you say UCI is closer, does that mean she could live at home? Where does she want to teach? Would one school put her closer to that district?

I have a multiple and an English authorization (basically the same as her math emphasis I believe). But districts now prefer candidates have a single subject credential over an authorization.

She is accepted into the multiple subject; she wants both. I believe she was told to do multiple and add single later. It’s harder to do it the other way I guess.

And, yes, she will live at home. She has graduated from SDSU and moved home obviously during the pandemic.

And that is something she needs to research: which districts contract with UCI and CSUF. We live in South County, so ultimately she would like to teach for Irvine, Newport Mesa, Laguna Beach (good luck), Capo.

Will your DD be living at home?