Credibility of an AMDA VIP application

A few days ago I received an email stating the AMDA has taken notice of me and has given me a VIP application form, it seems great and all but I’m mostly concerned whether or not this is real. I don’t use my email often and when emails do show up a good portion of them tend to be spam so I’m on guard about this one. They’ve got a decent bit of information on the email showing the address for the NY and LA campuses and regards from Joseph Siriano. On paper it looks legit but I’m a bit skeptical and am wary of the possibility that someone just compiled the information from sites to send in emails. Essentially what I want to know is are there actually VIP applications? If so how can I be certain this is legitimate?

I’ve gotten VIP application mails from them too, they seem like they come from the school itself, though the marketing is off: the emails claimed the VIP application was free specifically, but the regular application is free too.

My understanding of AMDA is they have very large classes relative to other theater programs. Big list of active working actors, but consider the size of the program. Training is likely good. Just imagine it would be easy to go all four years and never be cast due to size. Or your break through…

Often VIP applications are just another way to get students to pay attention to, and then apply to, a college or university. They don’t necessarily mean that the place is a good match for the student, and aren’t an indicator of whether the student will be admitted.

If you are concerned that this application email might not be truly coming from AMDA, then email the admissions office and ask about it. And if it is legitimate, and you decide you are interested, then you can use that link to apply.