credit by exam or CLEP tests?

<p>From what I've read, I can take one of these tests and if I pass it then I have credit for the class? This seems too good to be true. Does anyone have any insight on these tests?</p>

<p>My daughter had never taken sociology but took a practice test (REA book) and looked up the terms she wasn't familiar with and then took the CLEP sociology test last summer; she easily got UT credit for it.</p>

<p>UT doesn't accept very many CLEP tests but for the few it accepts, this is a good way to earn UT credits for classes you don't want/need to take in the traditional way; quick and much cheaper than, say, online UT Extension classes.</p>

<p>An easy way to bypass UT's limited acceptance of CLEP tests is to enroll in a college that does CLEP over the summer and just get the credits earned there transferred to UT. I earned a whole semesters worth of credit this way.</p>