"Credit Recovery"

<p>Okay, to sum up what I really want to ask: Do colleges/universities look down at you if you take a credit recovery program?</p>

<p>I'm currently a sophomore, struggling with Algebra II (I know, a little lame, but I really understand the topic, the tests are just crazy hard). I'm on the verge of a D. I used to be really good at math, and during my younger years when I lived in a different country (in Asia) I was even invited repeatedly to participate in advanced math student programs. Moving to the United States, my math went down from there. I struggled in Algebra I (recieving a C), and in Geometry did fairly well (A/B), and in Algebra II I'm on the verge of a D.</p>

<p>I heard about "credit recovery" programs over the summer. I know the UC approved ones are crazy expensive, but I'm working a job on the side and my parents have offered to help me pay for it. BUT do colleges look down at you if you do credit recovery?</p>

<p>of course they look down on it.</p>

<p>it really wont matter, as long as you have goot SAT/ACT scores you'll be alright.</p>

<p>it doesnt count as much as you think</p>

<p>doesn't count that much? i just want/need to retake it because it's effecting my gpa)":</p>