Credit requirment

<p>Some schools have a credit requirement to waive the need to show high school diploma.
Would pass fail classes count for this?</p>

<p>Depends on the individual school. Some schools view Pass/No Pass courses negatively. For example USC:</p>


Can I transfer classes taken Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit?
In general, we discourage students from taking required courses on
a Pass/No Pass basis when letter grading is available, as this may
negatively impact an admission decision. Transfer students can,
however, take as many as 24 semester units on a Pass/No Pass basis,
including up to 4 units of General Education requirements.


<p>Its clep and the schools i want have to accept it or so it seems.
so say i have 14 credits from clep and 16 from normal school i would be ok for the 30 credit limit?</p>

<p>If you say they accept them then I see why those credits wouldn't add up to 30. Your best option is to contact the school(s) individually since you didn't state which ones you were considering. It's better to receive an official answer than a speculated one.</p>