Credit transfer for dual enrollment courses while attending HS?

<p>Hello, I am an accepted freshman out-of-state applicant (still waiting for admission decisions). I have also taken some dual-enrollment courses in my local CC. Recently I got a letter about credit transfer to Purdue. Two of my courses, Calculus I and an intro to engineering course got transferred and the university needs more info to evaluate other courses I took, which are two courses that make up a CS1 Java course (I think it is equivalent to CS 12300 - Programming I: Java) and a survey multimedia course I don’t care about. </p>

<p>My main question is, how difficult are the Intro to Engineering and Introductory CS courses in Purdue? I’m not so concerned about getting my credit transferred because I’m taking AP exams including AP Computer Science and I also feel the two Java courses I took were easy. I’m majoring in computer engineering so I don’t want to take too many difficult courses. Also, I got credit for the Intro to Engineering course for attending a 2 week summer engineering program in my local CC, I didn’t take the course. Should I let the Admissions office know about this?
In short, I’m not sure how to proceed. Thanks for the help!</p>

<p>Yeah I got that too! But they didn't ask me to provide more information for the class that wasn't transferred</p>