Credits from 4 year colleges still in limbo

<p>My D took 2 classes at BC last summer. We sent in her BC transcripts 2 months ago, and they're still shown In Review. Is that a bad sign? How and when do credits get applied from recognized 4-year colleges not in the CA Assist system?</p>

<p>same fact even my HS transcript which was sent a week ago is final but my cc one is still in review...i think weshould give it till july 15th befire we contact the mthough, they might be just integrating the classes into bearfacts or something</p>

<p>The delay is probably because they have to assign credit for classes taken. Credits, for the most part, will transfer from 4-year colleges to Berkeley. They just have to find a suitable substitute at Berkeley.</p>

<p>Thanks - So you think we should give them a bit more time to assign the credits? Two months does seem like a long time. I'm assuming these college classes can be used to satisfy breadth requirements too....</p>

<p>lamsangel, there is no need to worry. When I was applying from high school, I had to submit transcripts from classes I took at JCs, and the "In Review" sign was up for a good month or so. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is receiving tons of mail right now, so they'll definitely update your D's MyBerkeleyApp site very soon. </p>

<p>Credits actually get added onto your transcript as soon as they review the materials. Your D will be able to see the credits after her first semester here when she sees her unofficial transcript on Bearfacts.</p>