Credits question

<p>For transfers to UCs and CSUs, when are you required to finish the credits by? I am worried I cannot get all the credits done by the end of spring 2012. Would it be a problem if I need to take classes summer of 2012 to get all the necessary credits?</p>

<p>Huge Problem.... For UC, must be finished by spring</p>

<p>So if this was to occur would I have to apply for transfer for the spring term?</p>

<p>Unfortunately applying to a UC for spring semester is likely not going to be an option with the exception of UCM. I'm not sure about previously or how it will be in the future, but all of the UC's were closed to transfer apps for the winter/spring 2011 ( - Merced). That's why I had to wait around for this fall to come...</p>

<p>Darn. So if this was to happen for a UC, I would have to take an entire year off or transfer to another public or private university? Does anyone know how the csu system works? I'm mainly looking at cal poly.</p>

<p>The UCs probably require you to finish by the end of Spring so that they will have enough time to obtain and verify your transcripts and other application materials by the time classes start in the Fall. I do not know what the actual CSU policy is but they will have to do the same things the UCs have to do before you enroll and they have much smaller staffs to do it. Therefore, I would be very surprised if their policies were any different from those of the UCs.</p>