Creighton 2024 Admission Decisions

Has anyone received an admission decision from Creighton yet? My dd applied in mid-September, and I was wondering when she might hear. I am also curious about what merit is being offered.

No, my daughter applied the first week of October and we have not yet received an admission decision.

Thanks! I’m hoping they hear soon!

Our daughter also applied in late August/early Sept and her Admissions Counselor said they would likely release decisions in Nov. Good luck to both of your girls!

I have not received a decision and I applied the beginning of October as well. I was told by an admissions councilor that the merit scholarships would range from 12,000-23,000. Hope this helps!

This is great information, thank you! Hopefully we will hear about admissions decisions very soon.

Hi. My student portal is now listing scholarships that I can apply for but there is no formal admissions letter. Does this mean that I’ve been accepted?

My daughter’s student portal is showing scholarships and programs that can be applied for as well. From what I understand from previous years this occurs just prior to letters of acceptance being received in the mail.

Thank you! So exciting! Good luck to everyone! I am impatient about this one; it is my DD’s first choice.

Update- yesterday my portal changed to show programs I could apply for and I received my acceptance letter in the mail. Very excited to be a bluejay next year!

Congratulations @monarch20 !! So happy for you! Ah, not in today’s mail for my DD but I know she is anxious. Did your letter come with immediate scholarship info? And did you apply via Common App or Select Student Status?

I’m in! I got my acceptance package today with a $20k Founders scholarship! Can’t wait to be a Blue Jay!

So happy for you, @Indygirl1 !! Great job!

My acceptance letter had my scholarship info and amount on it; I was awarded a founders of 21k. I applied with the regular application through the Creighton website, although I did receive the select student packet. I completely understand how she feels, I was the same way a few days ago! Good luck to her!

It was a long weekend waiting…but my DD received her acceptance today! Creighton Nursing 2024!

@Sorrento17 , any news for you guys?

Congrats to her!! I was also accepted to the nursing school- very excited!

Yes…she got in! She’s so excited!

Just curious if all that have gotten in were in Nursing? Or did you all apply super early? My DD has access to apply for scholarships/programs in her account and has for a few days, but no news yet!

I was actually wondering the same thing. My daughter applied in early October and her portal has showed changes without official acceptance since Nov 7. I’m not overly concerned, just curious when we might receive word.

I have a friend who applied mid October to the college of arts and sciences and her portal has also changed to show that she has been admitted with additional scholarships she can apply for. We are in the midwest which may be why we received our letters sooner, but thats just a guess.