Creighton Class of 2022 Admissions Thread

Has anyone received an admissions decision this fall yet? D got an offer from admissions to apply with fee waived and expedited decision back in August but still haven’t heard anything.

I do not believe they have rolling admission. May be early to mid Nov or Dec. I forget which!

Thanks. Creighton rep was just at my D’s high school and said they recently started reviewing applications. He told the kids who applied to expect decisions the first part of November.

So my Son’s portal changed today. It doesn’t say he was accepted, but it has changed to a list of next steps including confirm your spot for next year so we are talking it as an acceptance. Expect and email and/or mail package and will update this page.

My D’s portal has also changed to that as well. I agree that they must be getting ready to release admissions news and merit aid decisions.

Son’s hasn’t changed so now I’m worried he isn’t accepted.

I certainly wouldn’t read much into his portal not changing. They really just seem to be a bit disorganized. Another high school student I know here keeps getting the big information packet with the nice photo book from admissions even though he applied in August too.

Is the portal you mention something your child signed up through Creighton or something on the Common App?

Just had my D check her Creighton Portal-it said next step reserve your place, etc. Financial aid page was unavailable at the moment.

D was accepted to Creighton University School of Nursing today. Portal change was definitely an advance indication of admission.

Congrats! Was the notification of acceptance via mail or email?

Thank you. A packet came in the mail today and the acceptance letter was also posted in D’s Creighton portal. Same thing happened with another kid in her high school too.

I got accepted with a magis scholarship, is there any other opportunity for merit scholarships for a biology major?

Congrats! I got accepted too with a Magis scholarship. And no, there isn’t another scholarship available. Creighton lists which scholarships you can apply for in your acceptance packet but nothing specific for biology majors.

What area of the country are you all? We are local and haven’t heard yet.

Midwest. Portal page changed on Tuesday with acceptance notification and official packet arrived in mail on Saturday.

Does anyone have a breakdown or ranking of the various merit scholarships and amounts offerered (Magis, Founders, etc)?

Magis was 21k

@makmn I noticed threads from prior years talking about presidentical scholarship, is that still a thing?

Thanks. My daughter and a classmate both got Founders at $19K. Unfortunately, that is not going to get it done for either of them.