Crest White Strips

<p>has anybody used them? There are so many different kinds i have no idea which to buy! BLAH. I really need them my teeth are yellow. And the dentist doesn't do anything for me</p>

<p>I used them once and they helped but you have to be sure to not let them touch your gums (it stings). Also, they didnt really reach the edges of my teeth so it left the far right and left sides of/spaces between my teeth still slightly yellow.</p>

<p>I suggest you ask your dentist for a professional whitenging kit. I was unsatisfied with the white strips so I ask my dentist and they gave me this really good whitening solution and these clear retainer-like inserts on which I place the whitening gel and then put them on my teeth so it conforms to them...</p>

<p>^Ditto on the gums bit. It sucks. </p>

<p>They work to an extent, but even the cheapest ones are expensive and it's hard to remember to put them on every day. Still, they do way more than just brushing your teeth with fluoride does.</p>

<p>The best option would be to talk to your dentist about whitening treatments. The over the counter products help, but they will only help to a certain extent. For true results, ask your dentist.</p>

<p>However, if the above options are too expensive, look on various websites before buying anything. Get information beforehand because I know some over the counter products are better than others when it comes to teeth whitening.</p>

<p>They worked for me (I used the medium level ones)
However definitely make sure they do not touch your gums. It sucks!</p>