Crew? Engineering? LD?

<p>anyone doing any combo of the above here? has been recommended as serving all well. just looking for input! thanks</p>

<p>Parent speaking. My son (freshman) did club crew (lightweight) - but resigned after first regatta. He enjoyed it, but it is definitely a time commitment that he was not willing to make as a freshman. About 2-2.5 hours daily practice, and that - combined with about 60-90 minutes of travel/prep time was enough to make him rethink priorities. This also was in the fall (which is less serious than spring sessions). You are also expected to show up 2 weeks before the end of winter break (not sure where he would have stayed) - and pay dues of about $1000 in the spring. So - all in all - a hefty financial and time commitment. That being said - he did enjoy the experience and the camaraderie. Also, it was his first time trying it, but he knew that as a fit - but not overly muscular - athlete, he wouldn’t be one of the ones in the top boats. Your situation may be different (if you already have experience). UDel Dad. .</p>